YouTube vs. MOW Player

YouTube vs. MOW Player

Nowadays, when people say online video they usually think of YouTube, in the same way people think of Google when they say search results. And while YouTube is definitely the most important online video platform, and the second largest search engine for that matter, it really is not the best choice for businesses to share their content on. At least not straight away.

While its significance is undeniable, and hugely important, having an alternative online video platform, much like MOW Player, for example, is the way to go for many publishers for a couple of reasons.

Let’s discuss them here.

Algo Changes

Big time publications don’t use YouTube as their video platform alone. YouTube often changes its algorithms which makes even their most notable users scramble to restore their previous view numbers. You can hear even those whose profession and sole source of income is being a “YouTuber” about algo changes a lot.

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While often and strict demonization of videos has become the platform’s biggest issue, it is closely followed by video flagging from the community. Which often results in videos and sometimes whole channels were taken down.

Laying all your eggs in one basket was never a bright idea.

SEO Effect

Since YouTube is so big, old in terms of internet years, and owned by Google, it’s not surprising that it is the second largest search engine in the world. It means that posting videos on YouTube could get you a lot of views. But whether the video will be able to revert the viewers to your website is a huge question.

Some companies even block YouTube on their networks, so your videos wouldn’t be available to them.

When someone searches for a topic of your video on Google, more often than not it will show your YouTube video in the search result in the first place and your website second. That means you won’t get the traffic you were hoping for.

Yes, you’ll lose traffic. But the bigger question here is whether you’ll be able to monetize those YouTube views?

Demonetization on YouTube

In recent times, YouTube has been under fire from advertisers because they’ve been unknowingly advertising on videos which they deemed unethical, offensive, or in bad taste. Which led to YouTube demonetizing a lot of videos and becoming way more strict about which videos get to earn money from their views.

And this isn’t the only time that the YouTube community complained that the company doesn’t care about video creators. Weak support most the publishers get has been a cause for headaches of YouTubers for years, whether it’s regarding flagged videos, demonetization, or copyright infringements.

With a custom, smaller platform like MOW Player, you’re treading on a solid ground here. For one we believe that the video creators have to be recognized and be paid fairly for their content.


With most famous YouTubers being a “regular Joes” people assume that making money off YouTube is an easy thing. They don’t consider these to be full-time jobs and that there are thousands of unsuccessful channels for every successful one. In a climate such as this YouTubers are still dependent on the business decisions of a corporation. Actually, they are always dependant on them.

At MOW Player, we believe a publisher should be in charge of their own video monetization and in our case Programmatic Ecosystem we’re offering is the best way to do it. Collecting the checks and eventually looking at the revenue reports is the only thing you would need to do.

Giving Handouts

But the worst offense must be that when a YouTube video finishes, it shows related videos, some of which might be your main competitor’s videos. Meaning your competitors can be featured and promoted on top of your blood, sweat, and tears.

That doesn’t happen with MOW Player. The viewer doesn’t get distracted by other options. Related videos are exclusively your own!


While YouTube may not be the best option for businesses wanting to publish videos, they should, however, consider providing their content on YouTube as well. Which is why MOW Player has the option to automatically upload all videos from your MOW account to your YouTube channel.

#YouTube significance is undeniable, and hugely important, having an alternative online video platform, like @Mow_Player, is the way to go for many #publishers for a couple of reasons. Click To Tweet

There is no doubt we live in the era of video. It is by far the best option to engage your targeted audience. Just because you can find everyone’s’ video on YouTube it doesn’t mean it should be the focal point of your marketing. In fact, for the big time publishers their website, often built with native or third-party video player/platform, is their main asset. YouTube and the social media presence for that mater is just another channel, a way to brand themselves and spread their word.

Be more like the big guns. Use YouTube but rely on MOW Player.