Why MOW Player?

Why MOW Player?

Before you finish with new year resolutions for your business, let us walk you through MOW Player and video industry. According to Cisco the year 2021, video content will account for 80% of all internet traffic.  Hopefully, you are already convinced that online video publishing and video monetization is the way to go and you’ve invested in your video marketing strategy. That’s great, however making a video is only half the battle; you still have to deal with video hosting, customization, ads, video security, and on and on.

If you are looking for a way to harness the power of video with the best technology, the premier partner ecosystem, and an unmatched team of experts dedicated to your success in 2019 give MOW Player a try.

Here is why.

Looking for a way to harness the power of video with the best technology, the premier partner ecosystem, and an unmatched team of experts dedicated to your success? Give @Mow_Player a try. Click To Tweet

A Fast Video Player

The basics are what matters the most. MOW Player provides you with a reliable, incredibly fast, smooth html5 video player that behaves to your liking in an instant providing your viewers with the unmatched user experience and video quality. People are losing patience with slow response time, lag, and frequent code failures are the main reasons why viewers leave a site and go to another source.

That doesn’t have to happen to you and your business. That doesn’t happen to our publishers.

Elegant Design

Video players are by their very nature a visual medium, so it’s of paramount value that your content is served by an elegant yet modern platform. It is going to be on your website after all. We keep simple interface while at the same time provide all the tools the viewer might need.

You’ll take your viewers video experience to the next level with MOW Player.

MOW Player is Free

That’s right, you get a world-class online video player platform with all the fantastic features, and you don’t have to give a dime. You can even make money off of your views with our customizable video monetization.

Unlike everyone else, MOW Player comes with no restrictions whatsoever for all our publishers.

Online Video Monetization

Today, video views are just like the money in the bank, and MOW Player helps you get the best interest. You have options on how to do it too. We could find the advertisers for you through our MOW MarketPlace, or you could find companies willing to advertise on your videos on your own. You are in control, and you get to choose.

And you get to choose the type of ads, their placement, and their length. In this extremely competitive industry of ours, no one wants to be left behind and outperformed by competitors. MOW Player gives you a head start.

MOW Player is Social

Any modern tech tool isn’t finished unless it has a full social media integration. MOW Player is the complete package and can be connected to your Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. Connectivity works both ways, all videos from your social media profiles can be transferred to the platform with just a few clicks. And any videos you upload to MOW can be shared via your profiles, even automatically.

We offer social sharing at it’s best.

MOW Player is Responsive

Our video player plays smoothly on desktop, mobile, and tablets, and there is built-in support for in-app integration as well.

MOW is a fully customizable interactive HTML5 video player optimized for better playback and faster delivery on every screen.

MOW Player Video Article

Another MOW’s prime feature is a unique solution to the problem of videos’ short life-spans. Video Article allows maximization of video views through a miniature widget that can be placed on any page so that the visitors can list through the library of videos one by one. Any page means any, and it can include pages with other players on them, making Video Article a win-win choice.

MOW Player Grade A Support

But most importantly, behind all of the tech are the people. Once you start working with us, you’ll have the help of marketing-savvy video industry veterans. Professionals who were in the industry since the dawn of online video, who are still motivated to get you the most from your video views and to grow your business.

MOW Player might be a new kid in town, but we already earn top dollars to our early adopters.

Let’s get in touch and see how MOW Player can help you turbocharge your video marketing.

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