Boost Your Video Views With Our Proprietary Tech Video Articles

Boost Your Video Views With Our Proprietary Tech Video Articles

There is no doubt video rules the internet. Brands are investing heavily in video content embracing engagement and interactivity as the main advantages of video. Basically, if a video isn’t a central part of your digital marketing strategy, your business is suffering.

When it comes to online video, innovation is the key to success. We’ve already hand-crafted our HTML5 video player and the platform behind it with publisher-centric solutions which we are immensely proud of. In today’s climate however, having a top-notch tech, together with your amazing content, is no longer enough. You can’t simply present content and expect increased in traffic and engagement.

The Problem: Low View Count

We are well aware that producing quality video content is an expensive and challenging task which oughts to be rewarded with views. However, in a fast-paced, content-saturated world as mentioned above, even the best videos can get lost in the digital sea of information.

With this being the case, we rolled up our sleeves to come up with a solution that will give all your videos more views permanently, not just when the native article is fresh.

The Solution: Video Articles

What we came up with is an elegant, simple and effective marketing solution we’ve named Video Article.

While Beta testing Video Article solution our publishers experienced an average 30% more plays and close to 20% advertising revenue lift. Click To Tweet

Video Article is a tool built to solve ‘the short life of the videos in article’ problem and to ensure your videos get views even when the article popularity drops. It will enhance videos ‘expiration date and videos ‘viewability’ by providing a list of your videos at the end of article pages of your website. In the case you are running a WordPress site, Video Articles will come as a widget.

Video Article feature enables the site visitor to browse between your videos which would otherwise be in the archive collecting digital dust. A fast and intuitive interface enables the viewer to quickly skim through videos and choose the ones he’s interested based on the thumbnail, title, and short description.

The end result here is maximized video content reach and click-throughs.

Just take a look at one of our publishers’ websites that are already utilizing the power of Video Articles in the screenshot below.

Best of all Video Article feature can coexist on the same page with any other video player you might be using, providing an easy, cost-free way of getting more views for your videos.

The Setup

Currently, Video Article features come with two pre-defined themes, light and dark, both offering flexibility in terms of design and differentiating the add-on from the article making for an unintrusive way to boost your views.

The feature is implemented within our CMS with just a few clicks through HTML5 or AMP. There is an option for making multiple, different groups of videos with Video Article, allowing the publishers to adjust the menu of offered videos to the topic of the article. This can be done through our pre-existing ‘Categories’ groups which are chosen when the individual video is uploaded but can be edited at later times as well.

Right now you can choose between Sports, Auto & Vehicles, Comedy, Education, and many more, or simply include all the videos you have uploaded to MOW Player.

Great Results With Minimal Effort From You

By turning on Video Articles, our publishers in Beta testing experienced an average 30% more plays and close to 20% advertising revenue lift.

We have no doubt that Video Article is a game-changer solution and will certainly increase your views and prolong the life of your videos significantly with an ounce of effort.