Optimize Your Video Position and Size

Optimize Your Video Position and Size

With so many different metrics, promotion strategies, enhancing tools, it is easy to forget looking at the simplest variables which can improve your videos performance: their position on the page and their size. We take a look at what placement works better for what goal, and how you won’t have to lose time on sizing up individual videos with MOW Player.

Location, Location, Location

Regardless of whether your business model relies on video ad views or if videos are just an auxiliary tool, placement of videos makes the world of difference. Placing a video behind a mile of mouse scrolling guarantees that there isn’t going to be a high view-count next to it.

Regardless of whether your business model relies on video ad views or if videos are just an auxiliary tool, placement of videos makes the world of difference. Click To Tweet

The same mantra that has been deemed crucial for analog business for quite some time now, applies for digital videos too. Location is key. Videos deserve and need prime real-estate on your page.

Research showed that the higher on the page you place the video, the better it will play.

The further down the page you embed the video, the smaller the play-through rate will be.

Most notably, videos placed after the 750-pixel mark on the page receive a drastic drop in play-through rate.  Around 30% less than if placed at the very top. If placed after the 1,750 px height, there is less than 20% chance that people will click play on your videos.

Oscillation from the center of the page does the same, and our internet brains are regarded to deem any videos on the sides as less important at the moment, and possibly even as ads not related to the content of the page.

So keep your videos centered and embed them near the vertical beginning of the page.

Size Matters

The size of the video player on the page is another free and easy-to-set-up variable which can greatly influence the play-through rate of any given video.

Go too small, and your video might be deemed by the viewer as unimportant. Go too big, the player will overshadow the other content on the page, make the page clunky, or appear unprofessional to some visitors.

Of course, the content of the video may dictate the size of the player in some cases, with HD scenic videos for instance. Although the full-screen option is always present for interested viewers.

MOW is an HTML5 powered video player and has a code which automatically resizes itself according to the setting of the page it’s on. Unlike, for instance, YouTube videos which often have to have their size individually specified.

Videos get the most views when their height is between 400 and 600 pixels. You should never go smaller than 200px as that’s when the play button matches the size of the thumbnail and sends a message of unimportance. Higher and lower than the  400-600 px zone is safe with only a drop off of 10% for the play-through rate.

Embedded videos have the ideal height of 300 to 450 pixels, and should rarely be shorter than 150 pixels.

Videos could have good play rates when they are bigger than 1000x1000px but that is because then they are the only content on the page and there is no more option than clicking play or leaving the page.

One thing to have in mind when setting up your website’s video rules is that video codecs perform better when the width and height in pixels are multiples of 16.

Best video dimensions:  
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720
1024 x 576
768 x 432
512 x 288
256 x 144

The alternatives are that the width height be multiples of 8 or 4.

Another important hint is that if you plan the scale down the dimensions of the original video file when putting it on an online video player, both dimensions should be divisible by the same number. 16 is the best option again, followed by 8 and 4.

MOW Player is powered with AMP (accelerated mobile pages) since recent, and when placing the AMP code, the width to height ratio is preset to 16:9. Which is deemed perfect for mobile by all huge digital companies who were involved in the project (Google, WordPress etc.).

Making sure your videos are properly placed and sized is a free way of drastically improving your view-count and should always be considered.