Getting Started With MOW Player: Monetize Your Videos

Getting Started With MOW Player: Monetize Your Videos

With the rising complexity of digital advertising, a video player has become much more than just a technology that enables videos to run on a website. For those publishers who already have a video strategy at play, it is a money making machine. As such publishers are now focused on managing programmatic deals and maximizing ad viewability as much as on creating a quality content for their audience.

Here at MOW Player, we know just how hard, expensive and time consuming making quality videos can be. If that isn’t stressful enough managing your advertising on top of it, certainly is.

With that in mind, MOW Player is built as a turn-key solution that manages every aspect of the ad eco-system for publishers like you. We are handling integration with ad servers, partners, and networks behind the scenes, creating the best advertising environment for you to maximize your revenue.

We’re giving you the best way to add real value to your video content with MOW Marketplace and/or direct VAST support for publishers.

MOW Marketplace

Currently, our MarketPlace is integrated with several ad platforms and ad exchange networks like ADX / Rubicon / Pubmatic / Cedato. Our dedicated sales team works hard on integrating programmatic partners directly to MOW Marketplace utilizing inside deals, and connect with DSPs (demand-side platform). This helps us to achieve better CPMs for our publishers.

We have developed a video waterfall that helps us to optimize all our demand partners at the same time.

CPMs depends mostly on the GEO and our deal connection capabilities.   good for coverage since we are seeing a 20-25% of fill rate as a price floor. And a part of it is due to our proprietary tech which allows us to connect relevant content to good and profitable advertisers.

If you are relying on MOW Marketplace to handle your video ad monetization right now our model is a Revshare that starts with 50/50, depending on your video inventory and traffic.

There is no need for additional setup for this. Just upload your videos, published them and our platform will automatically start showing the best possible ads for your content.

We’re working hard on adding Outstreams formats and other display formats such as AMP ad formats etc. so you can grow your revenue additionally.

Direct VAST Support For Publishers

In case you want to monetize your videos placing a VAST tag of your own, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Setting your ad to be a ‘second priority ad’ which means if we are not able to monetize the ad-request your VAST tag will fire.
  2. Opt out for our paid plan ($250 per month for 2500 GB of data transfer with 5 TB of storage which is, approximately, 800.000 video plays) in which case you’ll be able to handle your inventory when you want it, the way you want it and you won’t be connected to MOW Marketplace.

Setting Monetization in MOW Player Dashboard

In order to be able to monetize your videos with us, a few additional pieces of information are needed. The name of your company, email, contact name, phone, address, country, province, city, postal code, and domain. The standard stuff when dealing with monetary transfers on the internet.

Additional financial information is needed like the email address your PayPal account is connected to, bank name, SWIFT / ABA Number, account number, and beneficiary name.

The Revenue Reports page will have all the income presented, so you can exactly tell just how much benefit the decision to monetize video has been. You can see your revenue per day, month, year, and also per individual site or country.

Basically, with MOW Player you have both options of getting revenue. The simple no-questions-asked basic strategy where we automatically pick ads for you. And the second one where you get to find and choose your ads. Either way, to monetize video is to make easy money.

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