Getting Started With MOW Player: Manage Your Content

Getting Started With MOW Player: Manage Your Content

Like any start, dipping your toes into the video content world can seem way harder than it is. The same goes for switching from a familiar video player to a new one. In this article we’ll go through the basic video content management for MOW Player which will convince you that utilizing video for your business is not just beneficial, it’s easy as well.

Whether you want to upload videos from your computer, your cloud storage, or to import them from your social media platform accounts, you can set up a large video library with only a few clicks.

Basic Video Content Management

MOW Player is not just an online video player, it’s a fully featured enterprise level video platform. It’s the hub for all your video content needs, and to use it to its full extent the only thing you need to do is to set up your personal account.

We have a dead simple registration process:

  1. Add your and your company name, and a working email address.
  2. Click Create Account button and check your Inbox for an account verification email.
  3. Once you click the verification link choose your password and you’re all set up with MOW Player account.

You can start uploading videos straight away through the +Add Videos button at the top of the page. You can choose one upload one by one or make use of the bulk option. Just select or drag the videos you want to get on the platform.


Keep in mind MOW Player enables you to use one account for multiple websites while displaying all the necessary statistics, like the top playing videos and total ad impressions, in one screen.

While the video(s) are uploading, add the title and the descriptions which can help you with the SEO rating of your videos. Then select categories, and choose a thumbnail.

Besides, you can upload the video to your social media profiles as well. But we’ll go into that in greater detail shortly.

Once your video has been uploaded on the same page you can get the code that you will need to implement on your website/blog page in order for a video to be present at it. Alternatively, you can also get the code from the Videos section in the sidebar Menu.

Be sure to place the code in the website HTML, between the <body> and </body> tags of your page. In case you are running a WordPress site copy the code in the text (HTML) mode when writing the post (keep in mind this will change in the future as we are planning to roll out MOW Player WordPress plugin pretty soon). The same goes for any other custom CMS.

Video Content – Social Media Connectivity

If you already have a big video library on YouTube, Instagram, and/or Facebook, don’t worry. You don’t need to upload every single video from them to MOW dashboard manually. MOW Player can do that automatically for you, but you still get to pick which videos you want in your video library.

To import your videos from your social media profiles:

  1. Go to the +Add Video button at the top.
  2. Select which social media profile you want to connect with and MOW Player will automatically list all the videos from that profile
  3. Now you get to list through the videos and choose which ones you want to add to MOW by clicking +Add.
  4. They will be waiting for you in the Videos section where you can edit their info like the title, description, thumbnail, and category. And fine-tune the ads.

In order to do the vice-versa, to send videos from MOW Player to your social media profiles:

  1. Go to the Videos page, where you will find the Social Upload option.
  2. Click it and then select the social media profile where you want to post the video.
  3. Click Upload which will save the video to your selected profile.

From the Sites section on the Menu, you can choose the default volume for all your videos and upload your logo image to all of them.

That covers the basics of video content management with MOW Player. As you can see, everything is easy and pretty intuitive allowing you to have a rich database of videos at your disposal with just several clicks.

You did it — you finally created and uploaded an awesome video! What now?

Let MOW Player take your video ad revenue to the next level with our unique video monetization options allowing you to either place your own video ads or utilize MOW Marketplace ads.