Simple Steps To Improve Video Performance

Simple Steps To Improve Video Performance

It’s no secret that today people are more often than not unsure what good videos view numbers are. There is a simple reason behind this really, too many aspect influence video views. From the website’s popularity/traffic and industry to topic popularity and tech quality (page upload speed, etc.). The only certainty is that you can always do better. Squeeze out a couple hundred more views. Get a few more clicks/leads/sales.

The best part is there is no need for complex solutions and approaches. Small, intuitive, and easy steps can improve how your videos perform drastically.

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How To Attract More Viewers?

The first thing any video publisher needs to do in order to get more video views is to get the attention and draw the eyes of the viewers. The most basic way of doing this is by maximizing video player size (BTW, MOW Player does it automatically).

The second easy thing to do is to place the video in a visible, important part of the article/page. Preferably at the beginning, or in the middle. Having a video hidden behind three scrolls of a page is a waste of your resources, to say the least.

Thirdly, a thumbnail is most likely the single most important aspect of your video’s popularity. In terms of the initial impact on the attention of the viewer, the color scheme used is of the utmost importance. Using bright, vibrant colors and making contrasting palettes will naturally draw the viewers eyes. Especially if there are multiple video options on the page.

Once you get the right color scheme make sure you get the tile right in your thumbnail as well. Your thumbnail-title needs to be short, clear, and easily understandable. It is a perfect opportunity for making the color-contrast of a video.

Once the thumbnail-title gives the general sense of the video, the regular title is there to explain the topic of the video deeper. But also to serve as an SEO tool, along with the meta description. That way, viewers will stumble upon your video through Google even if they’re not acquainted with your platform.

Bonus Tip For Thumbnails

There is a reason most YouTubers have over-exaggerated facial expressions in their thumbnails – people react far better to human emotions. That doesn’t mean you should go overboard with yours as the YouTubers whose main target audience are usually kids and teenagers, but consider showcasing happiness, contentment, enthusiasm in your thumbnails, not blank faces. It works for adults as well.

Ensuring Re-accruing Video Views

The simplest way of getting more views for your videos is to combine the similarly-topical ones into playlists. Creating a compact topical whole gives the viewer more options on the topic which they are interested in. And Google research shows that the number of online research people put in shouldn’t be underestimated.

An even improved version of playlists that will increase the shelf-life of your videos is MOW’s Video Article. A tool that doesn’t take up too much space yet is capable of displaying massive libraries of videos and enable the viewer to find videos which are interesting conveniently and fast. Video Article can even coexist with other video players on the same page.

Utilizing social media is imperative in 2018, and MOW Player provides with an easy option to automatically share your videos to your social media profiles.

Stealing people’s content on the internet happens all the time. The easiest and perhaps the most effective way of protecting your content is to put a logo watermark on all your videos. This is done just a few clicks in MOW Player’s CMS.

Video Filming Tips For More Views

People are likely to click on a video if they deem there is a potential to be entertained, informed, or helped. See if your video answers any of these needs before posting it.

Ensure the tone of your company’s communication style is known and be consistent with it through your videos.