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Getting Started With MOW Player: Manage Your Content

Whether you know it or not, the video is the key way people get their kicks on the internet. 55% of people watch a video online every single day (Forbes). In such a climate a video player is much more than a technology that enables videos to run on your website. It is a platform vital for brand exposure and engagement with your company’s target audiences as well as an important ad revenue stream.

The bottom line is if you’re not utilizing video in your business – you’re nowhere near reaching your full business potential.

Though we may be a new name in the video industry landscape, we are industry veterans, and we know what it takes to make a fast, nimble, and responsive at all times, on all screens, HTML5 video player.

MOW Player is Cost-Effective

When we say cost-effective, we mean FREE. We offer webmasters a robust and feature-rich turn-key solution to publish their videos online absolutely FREE of charge.

MOW Player can help you Grow your Revenue

Yes, we can help your brand go-to-market with a complete end-to-end ad solution maximizing your revenue and audience reach with a single click of a button.

MOW Player has Robust Analytics

With us, you’ll be able to track and measure the success of your video content and monetization through our intelligent analytics tool, allowing you to make smart moves and advertising decisions based on those stats.

MOW Player offers Best-in-Class Support

Ongoing support, maintenance and updates to our backend, and dedicated account management to ensure your service is exceeding all expectations.

Why should any publisher make the switch from their current solution?

For starters, you will pay nothing to get the same level of service you are getting today.

Second, with MOW you are much closer to higher programmatic video CPMs. We have the tech and the know-how to make this happen for each and every publisher boarding with us.

Finally, creating high-quality, engaging videos is expensive, and we believe video creators have to be recognized and be paid fairly for the content they make. The MOW Player Programmatic Ecosystem is the best way to make this happen.

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