Elevate Your Brand With HTML5 Video Player

Elevate Your Brand With HTML5 Video Player

With an abundance of competitors in every area of business, derived mostly from the availability of the internet, the “little” things do count more in modern times. Professionalism is not only expected from the indirect interactions with the customer, but it’s also presumed in all areas of presentation. Video included.

We’ve already talked about how can you create a video marketing strategy for your brand and optimize your video workflow for the best results.

Here, we will explain how can a modern HTML5 video player can help you elevate your brand and stand out from the crowd of your business rivals.

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History of HTML5 and Why It Matters

HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is and has been the language web pages are written in. But is the new, HTML5 version and the videos players using that valuable, or noticeable? Let’s say that the previous version of the language came out in 1997 when people had to get their parents of the phone to connect to the internet.

The pages using the fourth version of HTML had limited design and functionality, usually consisting of just text, images, and gifs. Plugins like Java and Shockwave were needed for interactivity. Plugins became and remained the norm even though the internet grew exponentially and they took down a significant amount of processing power in the background, with most people not aware of the issue. Developers realized that a modern solution was needed, and after years of work, HTML5 was launched in 2015.

The most significant change to the previous version was that HTML5 had dedicated video and audio tags, which allowed browsers to play video and audio files natively. Which significantly improved performances and the following helpful features. Also, it meant that with it, annoying “Install Flash plug-in to watch this video” messages were gone.

Benefits of an HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player is Faster

As HTML5 video players are a part of the unified internet based on HTML5, load and play times are drastically improved, or usually instant, depending on internet connection strength. Old plug-ins could clog up videos and pages they were on, reducing the user’s enjoyment of the page/video.

HTML5 Video Player Has Full Responsiveness

In 2018, mobile web usage rates are slightly higher than the desktop rates, with tablet visitors holding a steady 4% of the web real-estate. This means that your target audience is using various devices, and they all expect videos to fit their screens perfectly and play smoothly. This is where HTML5-provided responsiveness comes into play. HTML5 video players run effortlessly on all possible devices. Every potential customer gets a worthy experience.

Responsiveness extends to software too, as all modern browsers are supported by HTML5 video players – Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

HTML5 Video Player Implementation

The main idea behind the HTML5 code was a simplification, and while it mostly concerns web developers, content publishers benefit from it too. To update sites, only a simple copy-paste movement of a short code is needed (as in our case). A cleaner and smaller code can also be worth it on its own, as it will make editing pages that much easier.

HTML5 Video Player Implementation

HTML5 Video Player Offers Interactivity

HTML5 enables video players to have interactivity which can create seemingless transitions from watching the clip to following the link and enlisting for a newsletter or making a purchase.

HTML5 Video Player Has Video Ad Support

Not only can HTML5-powered videos help you present the company, products, and convert sales, they can also earn money on their own. HTML5 videos support pre, mid, and post-roll ads. Video monetization is a booming industry with complex systems in place to maximize ad revenue for publishers. While at the same time reaching the target audience advertisers desire. All in a matter of milliseconds, while also providing key analytics.

HTML5 Video Player Enables Special Features

Video platforms based on HTML5 can construct advanced functions for their users. Functions like Video Article and Storyteller can significantly influence the digital outreach of a company.

It goes without the doubt that video rules the internet today. It helps if you can harness the power of video with the cutting-edge technology, the best premier partner ecosystem, and an unmatched team of experts dedicated to your success.