6 Highlights From DMEXCO 2018

6 Highlights From DMEXCO 2018

Earlier this month Cologne, Germany has been the epicenter of digital for two long, productive days with 41,000 visitors, 1,100 exhibitors, and 500 speakers thanks to DMEXCO 2018. Time to sum up and reporting back what we’ve learned from meeting our clients and digital industry leaders, and from attending talks, debates, and futuristic presentations.

The conference remains to be true to its roots introducing and showcasing the cutting-edge of digital marketing trends and serving as a true meeting-ground for the professionals across the digital industries. Big spenders, big business, influencers, media, and marketing they all shared their vision of the future at the conference.

If you are looking for big predictions we’re sorry to disappoint you. You won’t find them here. Our top highlights and takeaways from our highly-beneficial DMEXCO visit are a bit industry specific.

1. Publishers Focus On Target Programmatic Buying

By 2021 video will amount to 82% of user data traffic worldwide.

More than once we’ve seen this data shared at DMEXCO reminding publishers to turn to video ads at an ever more expeditious rate. Advertisers, on the other hand, already have a preference to publish their ads on video players and platforms through custom markets or built-in header biddings. With such trends, it came as no surprise that topics with user’s data safety and transparency have been in most keynotes at DMEXCO 2018. Illustrated by the conference’s motto “Take C.A.R.E.” (Curiosity–Action–Responsibility–Experience).

2. DMEXCO Is More Than A Conference

During its ninth iteration, it became clear that DMEXCO is undeniably crucial to our industry. It surpassed its initial goal of showcasing the latest in marketing innovation and technology. DMEXCO now is the main route where digital is presented, where it is decided by combining ideas and discoveries. There isn’t a more important place to be if you’re a tech company in Europe.

3. Embracing Cutting-Edge Tech Innovation

With a healthy dose of questioning, the world of digital marketing is welcoming futuristic technologies like AI and machine learning with open hands. The first steps of symbiosis between marketing and AI will be in the areas of analytics and insights, eventually advancing into the more interesting spaces, for us at least, of hyper-personalization of ads.

Also, usage of face recognition software in shopping malls to track the shoppers’ age, genders and behavior is already happening. It sure looks like AI and machine learning are going to have a transforming effect on the advertisement ecosystem. With Axel Steinman of BingAds going as far as saying “It’s only AI that can help you extract the real insights behind customer intent.”

Although, not everyone was convinced.

Don’t worry. We got you covered here.

4. Mobile Is Only Getting More Important

Mobile usage has gone sky high, even more than anticipated. Recent App Annie study revealed that consumer in apps spending will grow by 92% by 2020. Illustrating the importance of having app implementation option for a video platform (in our development queue). With mobile becoming even more popular, ensuring that video ads are playable and interactive on a broader scale, has become a must for video platforms (don’t worry we got you covered). Some industry leaders even pointing to this trend as the next big thing. We think it has already become a part of basic features. It has, for MOW Player at least.

5. Bringing Digital to Traditional Practices

The main mission objective of our trip to DMEXCO 2018 was to meet with our partners and get acquainted with possible new associates by offering free consultations. For a long time, MOW Player has been 100% digital in operations, marketing and support. It was a nice change of pace and practice for us to add faces and voices to publishers and companies we are working with closely. It reminded us of the importance of networking, live word feedback from our partners and storytelling over a pint of beer. If anything, face to face meetings made the expedition to Germany all worth it in the end.

6. Not Everything Was Great at DMEXCO 2018

41,000 people at one place and just two days are conditions for a massive party. Every imaginable part of the digital marketing industry has been presented and all the conferences were full. However, start-up village, a whole hall dedicated to startups, was tiringly far away from the rest of the conference.

While DMECO 2018 showed just how big digital has become in Europe a higher level of organization is much needed.

Where you at DMEXCO 2018? What are your main takeaways? One thing is certain, we will see you there next year!