AMP Support For MOW Player

AMP Support For MOW Player

In 2018 well over a half of video content produced has been viewed on mobile devices. A clear sign of mobile internet use surpassing desktop. But despite the growing importance of mobile internet browsing, this area of the online world still encounters significant problems especially in terms of frustratingly slow page loading times. Which is why Google and other tech and publishing giants like WordPress, BBC, Vox Media etc, joined forces in open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

In a mobile-first world not using #AMP is equal to leaving money on the table. Today we are happy to announce that @Mow_Player has a complete support for @AMPhtml. Click To Tweet

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a Google-run project that dramatically improves the performance of the mobile web. It does so by changing the direction from which the viewer gets content. After the website’s admin makes an AMP version of a page, site’s mobile visitors will not get the article or page from the website’s server, but from a specialized Google content delivery network.

But bad servers aren’t the only cause for laggy loading screens. Complicated HTML or crudely written CSS codes can significantly damage the user experience. When the website’s content and advertisements need to be condensed onto a screen that fits into a pocket – the formatting, speed, and responsiveness suffer. AMP uses its own customized versions of HTML and Javascript to ensure prevention of sluggish, clunky and ad-encumbered layouts.

AMP also uses cascading loading so it loads the most important pieces of content first, as well as giving priority to content that is displayed at the start, not the one you have to scroll down in order to see.

You’ve surely experienced the benefits of AMP when using a browser on smartphones even if you don’t know it.

Our mobile dev team has been hard at work for the past couple of months ensuring AMP implementation goes as smooth as possible.

Today we are happy to announce that MOW Player is an official AMP partner.

What Are the Benefits For the Publishers?

Studies have shown that 40% of people give up watching the video if the desired content isn’t displayed after 3 seconds! That means if the player your video is hosted on isn’t as responsive as it is expected to be, people are going to leave the page.

To put it in simplest terms possible: it is in your best interest to have more seconds spent on watching videos and less on videos loading. These two or three seconds of loading times accumulate fast and can be the make or break for your video, engagement and ultimately your brand. Google research states that conversions fall by 12% for every extra second a webpage takes to load.

In a mobile-first world not using AMP is equal to leaving money on the table.

But, fear not if you are using MOW Player. Few simple steps is all you’ll have to do to make use of our AMP compliant video player code.

AMP code

Log in to MOW Player CMS with your free account. Once you upload your video with a simple click you’ll be able to choose between utilizing HTML5 or AMP code for it. Keep in mind to use AMP code you need to add two different codes. Add the first code you get to the head section of the page. Add the second code wherever you want your video to be seen.

That’s all there is to it and all that is necessary to bring your viewers a vastly improved mobile experience. For instructions on how to use the MOW Player AMP Component in your AMP pages check out official AMP partner or hit our support.